dogmadeth (dogmadeth) wrote in velocityradio,

News from PFC in regards to Subversion

From: Paulie Crowbar
Date: Sep 23, 2008 4:40 PM


I have decided to quit working at either of the Silk bars.
I am stopping Subversion on Saturdays and also stopping my Thursday night at Silk one.

I started Subversion to give people a place to HAVE FUN and to dance and hear music they might not hear elsewhere. That being said, I won’t take anyone’s shit – including the owner of the Silks. I am currently talking to a couple of other locations, things are looking good. I will keep everyone updated.

Please pass the word along and let people know that I won’t be out on Saturday. For those of you out there that hate my guts, for whatever reason, enjoy telling everyone how much I suck again. I love you little sweethearts. Glad I am always on your minds.

I want to thank Ben for working with me every darn week. I want to thank Steph for working the cash and supporting me every single week.
I want to thank V for taking over security at the front door after the owner cheaped out and got rid of our security guard.
I love you brother! Thanks to K9, my bro, and Groth for guesting and to Erica for doing a show with Ben.
And of course, a huge thank you to those that came out and enjoyed yourselves!
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